BlackFriday 2023 - Software Deals

BlackFriday 2023 - Software Deals

Let´s explore some excellent deals in applications and services in this Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023


1Password — Password Manager for Teams, Businesses, and Families (familly)

1Password — Password Manager for Teams, Businesses, and Families (individual)

  • 50% off in Individual or Family plan - anual

  • One of the best password managers. Its born in Apple word, with MacOS and iOS support, but it grows and support everything, like Windows, Android and Linux.

  • It has passkey support, something like one king of password to access other applications. Some cool features like SSH keys. You could access with your biometric (Windows Hello and so on).


  • 40% off in Affinity v2 graphics softwares - one time purchase

  • Includes all 3 softwares, the Photo v2, Designer v2 and Publisher v2

  • Excelent graphics softwares, Adobe alternetive. Works in Windows, Mac and iPadOS

Pixelmator Pro & Photomator

  • 70% off - $25 and $10

  • Other great image editing tool for MacOS only

  • It has a photo editing specific software named "Photomator, this one works on Mac, iPad and iPhone



Voilà - Improve your content with AI | AppSumo

  • 70% off - start at $29 - one time purchase - lifetime access.

  • Create high-quality content and boost your productivity with an AI-powered personal assistant.

  • This is a extension for your browser, but not underestimate it, you pay once and have access to GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, with good limit by month, and can use the Voila assistant to ask and interact with anything. Has many templates to help you write, translate, marketing, code assistant and much more. Your don´t need to use your openai key, the service provides a good limit of words/requests by month.


SUPERMACHINE - Create images, NFTs, & more with AI | AppSumo

  • 81% off - start at $79 - one time purchase - lifetime access.

  • Generate stock photos, art, and images with the latest in AI technology.

  • Take your creativity using this great AI Stable Diffusion service to create your art. You have somo credits/images to process each month. But you pay just once for the service.


WebWave - Create professional websites with no code | AppSumo

  • 94%off - start at $79 - one time purchase - lifetime access.

  • Build professional, custom websites tailored to any client with the help of AI.

  • An platform to design and hosting websites, no code experience required, create your website, link with your own domain, free SSL certificate and unlimited space, the company take care of security and availability of the service.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone - Aprenda um Novo Idioma

  • 60% off - $149 one time payment

  • tip: Check your country to specific currency value, could be less value

  • Platform for foreign language learning, more than 25 languages.

Unraid NAS

Unraid | Unraid Cyber Weekend Sale

  • 10% - 20% off to buy, support and upgrades

  • One of the bests softwares to store your data, take backups, network share and great and easy integration with many softwares in docker. The community is very active.

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And you, bought some intersting software this BlackFriday and Cybermonday? Let some comments telling to us what you buy or suggest. ;-)